About Us

Who We Are

J. Cook Consultants was founded in 1992 to provide high quality professional consultation services in natural resources site investigation and characterization studies, and in natural resources conservation, planning, regulatory permitting, and management.  We have responded to client requests by providing watershed studies, site use impact studies, wetland studies and permitting services, expert witness testimony and depositions, environmental features identification and interpretation evaluations for public education and recreation, and other consultation in addition to the site development studies and forestry/urban forestry consultation that was our core business.

The firm has over twenty years of environmental consulting experience on a broad range of projects.  Clients have included the Federal Government, State and local government agencies from New Jersey to Florida, foreign countries and firms, private and public businesses and associations, legal firms, non-profits, and individuals. 

Although environmental regulations are often part of the cost of conducting business, we are experts at planning and conducting environmental inventories and investigations and helping design site developments that maximize the aesthetic, physical, and educational value of existing site natural resources.  As a result, we also help maximize the value of the property and minimize permitting, development, maintenance, and management costs.  We understand the costs of delays in permit issuance, planning, and construction and help our clients avoid or reduce delays through careful pre-planning and effective client contact, use of experienced professionals, our understanding of the site development and permitting processes, and an emphasis on development of excellent working relationships with our clients and regulatory and permitting officials.


Our staff maintains current registrations and certifications in several environmental and site development areas including Registered (Licensed) Professional Forester, Maryland Forest Conservation Act Qualified Professional, Certified Arborist, Certified Natural Resources Expert, and others.

 J. Cook Consultants is a Self-certified Small Business located near Owings (Dunkirk), Maryland, just a few minutes to Interstates 95/495 and 97, and the US 301, US 50 and MD Route 4 corridors. We are less than an hour to Washington, D.C., Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Annapolis, or Baltimore.  Our firm is available to provide professional services throughout the United States and selected foreign countries.

Working With You....

...not just for you!  Your goals are our goals; we never lose sight of your objectives.  Professional environmental consulting services are often provided as part of a multidisciplinary team approach to project design. Working closely with other professionals has provided J. Cook Consultants exposure to all aspects of the project development process and created a talent for turning site constraints into site opportunities.  We always keep in mind the best interest of our clients within the constraints of ethics, moral responsibility and the law.

J. Cook Consultants’ basic approach to any project is to first clearly understand the needs, goals, and capabilities of the client including physical, financial, and time limitations.  With this knowledge we can recommend various approaches to achieve or surpass the needs and/or goals, provide information about permitting or other requirements, and realistically estimate the time and expense involved.