Maryland Forest Conservation Act

As co-authors and Qualified Professional course instructors of the Maryland Forest Conservation Act (FCA), we are intimate with the objectives, requirements, and methodology of the Act, including various county and municipal requirements.   

J. Cook Consultants has prepared FCA documents for several counties and cities as well as for projects by the Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission, the agency responsible for FCA document review and approval in Prince George's and Montgomery counties.  Individual jurisdiction regulations and policies are constantly changing; no two jurisdictions have the same rules; each project and applicant typically has unique needs and situations.  Let us navigate the project and regulatory complexities and resolve the problems of compliance.

We will:

·   conduct site studies and investigations to determine the presence and extent of (regulated) environmental resources and other elements, including cursory site reviews for preliminary planning (Natural Resource Inventories/Forest Stand Delineations, wetland delineations),

·   review preliminary development plans and advise on the probable regulatory impacts of the FCA,

·   advise on design alternatives for site development that take advantage of existing natural resources,

·   design natural resource management plans (Forest Conservation Plans) that best meet project needs and satisfy regulations, and

·   assist with preparation and facilitate approval of FCA applications, plans, and reports.


J. Cook Consultants: