Projects that impact wetlands generally require a permit, which often involves both state and federal agencies, such as the US Army Corps of Engineers.  J. Cook Consultants has handled permitting, including jurisdictional determinations and mitigation plans, for many clients including the US Department of Agriculture, US Army and Air Force, local governments, utility companies, and land development firms of all sizes and types.

We can provide services independently, but our services are particularly valuable when we work in concert with an architectural/engineering firm that is preparing other types of site development plans for a project. 

We will:

·  conduct on-site delineations to determine the presence and extent of wetlands, including cursory wetland delineations for preliminary planning,

·  review preliminary development plans and advise on the probable impacts of wetlands conservation regulations,

·  advise on site development design alternatives that avoid or reduce wetland impacts and the associated regulatory, temporal, and fiscal burdens,

·  assist with preparation of wetland permit applications and facilitate processing and approvals, and

·  design wetland mitigation plans that best meet project needs and satisfy regulations.


Special Bulletin for Site Developers:

Worried about wetlands on your site?  We offer cursory wetland delineations, an inexpensive quick site investigation that uses document evaluations and on-site visual assessments with limited data collection to provide you with a sketch of probable jurisdictional wetlands locations.  These field checks help identify the approximate scope of wetlands relative to your plans; we can also advise about means of avoiding or reducing your wetlands regulatory burden.  If warranted, we will also conduct a standard or comprehensive delineation, manage a jurisdictional determination, and provide technical support for a Joint Permit Application from creation, through submittal and approval (including help with a public hearing, if required).  Let’s talk about your project!